Because of the nature of our business we have to be Jack of all trades, but also master of all trades. We work with just about any material due to the fact that we don't know what our clients are going to ask for or what they will want it made out of.

            This means we offer you a complete service in metal, wood, plastic, paint, fabric, fibreglass you name it we will build it to you're exacting needs.        

            We also specialize in making gadget and effects models & props.hero props/models, one offs, multiples,miniatures,non hurting props,radio controlled, motorized, animatronics,moving models/props, designer props/models,art pieces.

            Basically we can build you just about anything in any material, you name it we'll make it come to reality.    
    "Christies Auction Galleries" Media units interior spray finish with glass stainless trim, leather sides and back.
"10th Kingdom" TV series  non hurting props, soft. in light weight plastics, foam base. Can you tell which one is real?
" Bugs " TV series soft camera lens is made of polyethelene foam,the back is mdf/plastic.
    "The Golden Compass" Spy flies in brass approx 60-70 mm long
This ones wings opened,legs start to twitch, pincers move and cog in back starts to turn as if coming alive.
"Lost in Space" Jupiter 2 six foot model, this was also made in 12 ft & 2 ft size.
    "Awards" Gibson guitar approx 120mm tall.
    "Tugs" Kids tv series, radio controled boats with moving heads and eyes & propeller. The boats actually sat on remote trolleys to stop them from bobbing about.
Big Mac
"Big Brother" Over size phones
"Weapons" retracting/nonhurting/action.
"Blade 2" Neck mine
"Mike Lee Untitled" Retractable syringes
"10th Kingdom" working crossbow
"Bugs" Lazer gun holster
   "Judge Dredd" countdown mine
"Jason & the Argaunouts"
"Shackleton" Non hurting knives.
    "Road to Wellvile" Action period furniture props,
"Dog & Duck" Singing moving piano.
   "W H Smith" advert, 3 sizes of the same chair to make actor look smaller
"Cases & Boxes"
  "Enigma" presentation gun case mahogany/leather/velvet.
  High tech viles case
Alluminium rack, rigid foam core
  Nuclear proton tube holder case Vac formed tube holders
Syringe case foam interior, with retractable syringe needles
Compartmented case black flock.

This is furniture for private clients Shabby chic desk
This wardrobe had to be repaired and an interior made for it.
This Chinese cabinet wanted something to pick it up so we gold leafed over an existing willow pattern that you could see under the laquer,
Cofee table being made and after.
11 ft record case holder
Twice up baby chair

Virgin Advert 

Louis vuitton Paris Vendome windows
             winter campaign

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Interior windowsLoius Vuitton
Spring campaign Abstract art deco
Christian Dior  Versailles Palace Le grande Trianon

Volvo Hamster ad to show off Volvo's dynamic steering, Hamster was able to steer the lorry for
real by running in the wheel we made.
Remote back up system that connected to lorries steering system so i could drive it.
Wonga commercials

Prometheous Aliens sequel

From idea to reality
Louis Vuitton Paris